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On October 17, 2004, a middle-aged software instructor named Glenn Damato departed the San Francisco Bay aboard his cutter Serenity. Having quit his job and said goodbye to all friends and family, it was his intention to sail around the world.

Damato had bitten off more than he could chew. On purpose.

Do you have a dream to pursue but lack the "right experience?"

Are you too old? Too out of shape? Do it anyway. In truth, we each decide what is "realistic" for ourselves and live our lives accordingly. The price of admittance is the willingness to face the consequences of your decisions, even if they turn out to be radically different from what you had imagined.

Breaking Seas is more than a sailing epic.

It's also about our common human quest to get the most out of life despite being born into an imperfect and unpredictable universe. The all-encompassing themes are rejection and disappointment. Breaking Seas is not a book written to tell you what you want to hear. If you are seeking a sunshine and lollipops tale of pina coladas and passion on a tropical beach, you will not find it.

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